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Years ago, the tiny town of Maple’s Landing was an amazing sight. Bustling with activity, it seemed as though the land had received the Harvest Queen’s blessed touch; and it had.

Blissful life took a turn for the worse over a decade ago, when a great Calamity touched the land. Horrified by the events, the people rebuffed their Queen. Saddened by her people's snubbing, she put herself into a deep sleep and the land withered. Now, the town is tasked with saving their homeland before it's too late.

Join the townspeople in their arduous task and enjoy life in the meantime, form bonds, find love and live!

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february 2018


AUT. 5 [2/9] | Moonviewing Festival
The one night of the year where the moon is at its most gorgeous and full! Grab a friend (or lover) and enjoy some stargazing.

AUT. 13 [2/25] | Harvest Festival
Let's get ready to... SAUTE! This year's Harvest Festival is a celebration of all things delicious! Make sure you wear sweatpants because we're stuffing ourselves full... then we'll stuff our faces again with the annual Harvest King lottery!


The heatwave continues -- but don't worry, the end is in sight! Sure, it might be pretty hot for a while, but give it a week and the late summer monsoons will finally arrive! Expect wet and wild weather for a few days before it clears right up -- just in time for the Harvest Festival!

Skin: toadstools, with input from all of staff!
Graphics: DayDreamer, Mona, & Half Alive Ice
We do not own Harvest Moon, Ranch Story or Story of Seasons - credit belongs to Marvelous, Natsume, & xSeed.

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 Profile Guide & Template
Maple's Landing
 Posted: Jun 14 2012, 04:59 PM


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Maple's Landing Profile Guide & Template

Basic Info
Name: Required; your characters' full name & any nicknames.
Age: Required; your characters' age.

Gender: Required; male, female.
Birthday: Required; season & day format.

Origin: Required; has your character lived in the Landing their entire life, or did they move here?
If they are from another area, please remember that Maple's Landing is fictional, and set in an alternate universe version of the United States. You can read more here: Real life cities do not exist.
Marital Status: Optional; single, dating, married, etc. Not required, though.

Occupation: Required; What does your character do?
Goals: Optional; A workable, roleplayable goal for your character to accomplish during the time the spend in Maple's Landing. This is player-generated and player-maintained. A goal needs to be something that challenges the character and the player, either emotionally, mentally or physically and would take time to accomplish. For example, Build a home from the ground up would be an acceptable goal. Get a room at the Inn would not.

Goals have a long history on Maple's Landing and are celebrated both in character and out of character. Notifying staff members on a completed goal will garner the player a trophy for their profile (per goal completed!) and may even net the character a special item!

Physical Info
Appearance: Required; a paragraph or two and a picture works just fine. It's preferable to be descriptive, but you don't need to write a novel. Do what you feel comfortable with!

Clothing/Style: Optional; this could be a description of a typical outfit, a general encapsulation of their style, whatever you see fit. It's also completely optional.

Mental Info
Personality: Required; a couple of paragraphs detailing your characters personality or reactions in every-day life works just fine, but we're not limiting anyone from how they want to write it!

Fears: Optional; A list of 3-5 things works just fine.
Abilities/Strengths: Optional; A list of 3-5 things works fine.
Inabilities/Weaknesses: Optional; A list of 3-5 things works fine.

Likes: Required; A list of 3-5 things works fine.
Dislikes: Required; A list of 3-5 things works fine.

Marriage Requirement: Optional; An item, situation or action that is special to your character, that would make them consider marrying the person proposing. Just a description would work fine.

Biographical Info
Family: Optional; A list of members would be fine, if the character's family is important. If not, this can be omitted.
Background: Required; A couple summary paragraphs are completely acceptable, but you can write more if you wish.

Roleplay Info
Heart Rates: Optional; A list of heart rates (black >> red), and who is currently on what level.

Sample: Required; Don't really worry about this, but give us a tiny taste of what you've got.
Maple's Landing
 Posted: Jun 14 2012, 05:00 PM


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[u][b]Basic Info[/b][/u]


[b]Marital Status:[/b]


[u][b]Physical Info[/b][/u]


[u][b]Mental Info[/b][/u]



[b]Marriage Requirement:[/b]

[u][b]Biographical Info[/b][/u]


[u][b]Roleplay Info[/b][/u]
[b]Heart Rates:[/b]

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